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This year's highs and lows

Temperature and humidity
Highest Temperature36,5 °Cat 14:15 on 1 July
Lowest Temperature-7,2 °Cat 23:32 on 17 March
Highest Minimum19,0 °COn 15 June
Lowest Maximum-2,8 °COn 19 March
Highest Apparent Temperature33,6 °Cat 13:43 on 15 June
Lowest Apparent Temperature-10,7 °Cat 23:02 on 14 January
Highest Heat Index33,7 °Cat 14:15 on 1 July
Lowest Wind Chill Temperature-9,3 °Cat 23:02 on 14 January
Highest Dew Point20,1 °Cat 14:32 on 24 March
Lowest Dew Point-22,2 °Cat 00:43 on 15 January
Highest Humidity100%at 09:02 on 24 March
Lowest Humidity11%at 10:14 on 26 June
Largest Daily Range23,6 °COn 30 June
Smallest Daily Range0,0 °COn 20 March
Total rainfall so far1111,8 mm 
Highest Rain Rate24,0 mm/hrat 20:09 on 18 May
Highest Hourly Rainfall336,0 mmat 09:23 on 10 January
Highest Daily Rainfall337,2 mmOn 10 January
Highest Monthly Rainfall695,4 mmJanuary
Longest Dry Period13 Dayto 13 June
Longest Wet Period12 Dayto 2 April
Highest Wind Gust56,2 km/hat 20:15 on 1 January
Highest Wind Speed 10-minute Average34,2 km/hat 23:08 on 1 January
Highest Daily Wind Run414,5 kmOn 15 January
Pressure (sea level)
Lowest Pressure974,4 hPaat 16:08 on 16 January
Highest Pressure1069,9 hPaat 10:32 on 20 March

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